The Forest Mori
All works by Claudia Lam


Me, You & Mori

      'I make cute art' is how I would describe my craft to people in small talks but frankly, I see myself as a creator of experiences. 


      Mori is my alter ego. From channelling my every emotion onto paper, I ended up with sketchbooks of explicit representations of my inner self. This activity grew into a 2 year habit and it was from going through my old sketchbooks that I experienced the joy and amusement of relating to the past. Every drawing stems from a thought or incident that was close to heart and to be reminded of these feelings was interesting and even therapeutic to me. I wanted to share this experience with people.


      There is nothing better than hearing people say they relate to my artwork - how memories, good and bad, can transform into a good laugh at how stupid oneself was or how silly it was to think a certain way on a bad day. I want people to relive emotions and to see things in a positive light.

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      I can't help but feel tight in the throat when people ask me what The Forest Mori means or why I draw something a certain way. It seems impossible to articulate my intentions in short without sounding painfully lame. I am already loving this new platform where I get to slowly present things that go through my funny little mind. I hope that in time, you can get to know my art better and love The Forest Mori not only for the colourful things you see, but also for what my creations mean to you. So me, you & Mori - let our journey begin!