The Forest Mori
All works by Claudia Lam


The Forest Mori is a creative space for forest explorers to find their favourite cheeky apparel, artworks and handmade accessories. All products are 100% original designs and made with love. Enjoy!

Fuji Friend

Fuji Friend

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↟ 100% original design and hand crafted by The Forest Mori

↟ Option B has a minor glaze flaw. The flaw was caused by air bubbles trapped in glaze. The surface is smooth and the flaw is not very noticeable.

↟ High quality ceramic clay and waterproof glaze - Both pieces were fired 3 times

↟ Prices of items are determined based on the amount of time and materials used to make the product, as well as the size of work.

↟ Option A size: 3.5 x 3.2cm / Option B size: 3.8 x 3cm

↟ Signed with pencil on the inside

↟ Ceramic pieces are packed securely and shipped in a hard mailing box as small parcels

↟ Ships worldwide from Perth, Australia via Australia Post