The Forest Mori
All works by Claudia Lam


The Forest Mori is a creative space for forest explorers to find their favourite cheeky apparel, artworks and handmade accessories. All products are 100% original designs and made with love. Enjoy!




↟ If you love my artwork and would like to get something I have drawn tattooed, you are welcome to do so once you’ve contacted me and asked for my permissions - I just need to make sure the illustration isn’t client work. I would be more than happy for you to have my work on your skin forever!

↟ This tattoo ticket gives you the option to support me while using my drawings as your tattoo design. It is a great way to show your support and respect towards my work.

No physical product will be sent to you upon purchase of this Tattoo Ticket, this is simply an opportunity for you to support my artwork while using my designs.

↟ The options to which drawing of mine you can use to tattoo is not limited to the reference photos on this listing. You may also refer to my works page or my Instagram account for more inspiration.

↟ If you have my work tattooed on your body, feel free to send me photos via DM on Instagram @theforestmori or email:

↟ Do not buy this ticket if you are interested in a custom tattoo design, please email me to discuss further: