The Forest Mori
All works by Claudia Lam


The Forest Mori is a creative space for forest explorers to find their favourite cheeky stationaries, artworks and handmade accessories. All products are 100% original designs and made with love. Enjoy!

Moody Heart Deco Strap (Colour Changing!) 4368668936939011002_IMG_9019.jpg
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Moody Heart Deco Strap (Colour Changing!)

Bouncy Bread Deco Strap 10796145168_IMG_7312.jpg
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Bouncy Bread Deco Strap

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Mountain Slab Deco Strap 10762640464_IMG_7180.jpg
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Mountain Slab Deco Strap

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Pear Bean Deco Strap 10762653584_IMG_7168.jpg
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Pear Bean Deco Strap

Dango Triplets Deco Strap 10786136464_IMG_6706.jpg
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Dango Triplets Deco Strap

Plump Peach Deco Strap 10755363280_IMG_7144.jpg
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Plump Peach Deco Strap

Taiyaki Deco Strap -1297033967074361714_IMG_9652.jpg

Taiyaki Deco Strap